Are you getting ready to move?

Moving to a new place is exciting, but packing all of your stuff isn’t. At Your Service Professional Movers has pro tips that’ll make your packing process quick and easy.

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5 tips for a stress-free moving process

Here are five tips that’ll make your moving process a breeze:

1. Label your boxes, and be sure to note which room they belong in.

2. Use sandwich bags to keep track of small items.

3. Pack plates vertically in boxes to keep them from breaking.

4. Pack glasses and stemware in clean socks to save space and protect the glass.

5. Make sure your new home is cleaned, prior to moving in, especially your kitchen and bathrooms.

5. Don’t unpack your drawers. Seal in clothes with plastic wrap for an easy unpacking process.

The easiest way to simplify the moving process is to hire professional movers.

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